14 July 2020, Tuesday | 09:46am

UTP Students Reach Out To Orang Asli Community Through Education


KUALA LUMPUR -- Twenty students of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) recently organised a community programme with 60 Orang Asli community from Kampung Tumbuh Hangat Bota, Perak.

They brought along and contributed six laptops sponsored by Lenovo, Japanese tables and standing fans to provide a more comfortable and conducive learning environment at the village’s multipurpose hall where the Orang Asli children study, said UTP in a statement.

The effort was part of the General Studies or Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) national requirement prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

“We really appreciate UTP students’ effort in providing the sponsored laptops for our children. We will use them wisely and hope that we will have more opportunities to collaborate with the university,” said village head, Panjang Jasmani.

UTP said that the course was designed to ensure that students acquire some basic elements to be applied in a community engagement project to support students’ development.


It said the social and value emphasis 
on the community-based project was in line with UTP’s mission to produce well-rounded graduates with a broad-minded, balanced and holistic view, and to align with UTP's social responsibility framework, which is education.

“Our team is called Cahaya, which represents care, hope and youth. We are really thankful to the villagers for their support and commitment throughout this programme, said project director, Ariffin Mohamad Annuar.

“We hope that this programme will benefit 
the Orang Asli children and help them to do well in their studies,” he added.

During the two-day programme at the village from Sept 22, the students cleaned up the multipurpose hall, conducted PT3 and SPM workshops for the Orang Asli children as well as shared learning tips to prepare for the examinations.

A computer workshop was also held to expose the Orang Asli community to the world of information technology with the new laptops.

The students also bonded with the community through games as well as learn 
and understand the village’s culture and living style.