24 May 2019, Friday | 11:39pm

Sharing Petronas' vision of social responsibility

There are lot things that helps shape up a successful person. It takes will, courage, hard work, discipline and many more qualities. However, being successful does not just take one’s effort. Community, education and environment have been identified as three other aspects that are fundamental to the growth of a person. Often times the success of a person reflects the community that they belong to.

The saying that “It takes a village to raise a child” perfectly reflects the need for societies to work together to help create better communities that will give birth to successful individuals. Taking on this challenge, PETRONAS recognised its key position as a driver of change, essential in enriching and uplifting communities.

The company had invested a large amount of time and energy through their CSR efforts to help elevate the lives of those in need. For states such as Sarawak which has its own set of challenges of such demographics, rural areas and poverty, PETRONAS has been working together with the State Government to help deliver inclusive and sustainable living conditions for all Sarawakians. The infographic below explains the efforts that have been carried out by PETRONAS in Sarawak.

Image Cover: OffShoreEnergy