27 February 2021, Saturday | 12:34pm

Malaysian student receives hero's welcome after historic win at UN conference


BAYAN LEPAS: R. Prevena, the Malaysian student who won two awards at the 2017 International Model United Nations conference in the United States, was given a hero’s welcome after arriving home today.

Prevena, who touched down at the Penang International Airport at 11.30am, received a bouquet of flowers from her teachers and classmates from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Badlishah.

Her classmates and English teacher Kamila Mahali were seen holding up a banner to welcome her home. Also present was Prevena’s mother, S. Jaya Devi.

“She has made the country and our school proud. She is a bright student and she really deserves recognition,” said Kamila.

Prevena made it to the 2017 International Model United Nations conference in the United States, a first for any student in the country.

Out of 96 delegations from around the world, she won the Best Speaker and Best Position Paper awards based on her presentations on two topics.

“There were many delegates who were more experienced than me and I did not expect to win. I was just there for the exposure but I was lost for words when I was told that I won the awards­,” said Prevena when met.

The conference was held by the International Model United Nations Association United States, a not-for-profit organisation under the UN.

They are dedicated to promoting global issues on education through simulation and hosts premier education-based conferences in numerous cities throughout the world.

Source: NST Online